YouTube and Facebook – And Vidcon in Anaheim

Hacking TV Podcast | June 7, 2016

YouTube, Facebok – and Vidcon
This week we see important new moves from YouTube and Facebook At Vidcon in Anaheim, Youtube is contrite. Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, where no one is every contrite, Democrats turn to Facebook Live when Paul Ryan cuts of C-Span.That and more on Hacking TV. I’m Steve Rosenbaum and I’m Saul Hansell and this is Hacking TV.


‘Make YouTube Great Again’ CEO Wojcicki: ‘I Hear You’

YouTube Red Buys ‘Step Up,’ Its First Big-Budget TV Drama

YouTube now lets you livestream right from its mobile app


Facebook’s newest live video hit: Livestreams of the Congressional sit-in

TV feed of House Democrats’ sit-in cut off

Democrats’ Gun Violence Sit-In: Facebook Touts More Than 3 Million Live Streams Viewed
Democrats’ Gun Violence Sit-In: Facebook Touts More Than 3 Million Live Streams Viewed

Facebook / Amazon deals and growth

Amazon has doubled its performance in a hot market over the last year, and is pulling away from Apple

Facebook Signs Deals With Media Companies, Celebrities for Facebook Live
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