Facebook Live, Citizen Journalism – And Difficult Choices.

Hacking TV Podcast | July11, 2016

Video Just Became Serious
Welcome to another edition of Hacking TV. This week – Live video turns a disturbing and important corner. Even as Facebook says it wanted to have less NEWS content – the events in Dallas and Minnesota make that virtually impossible.So,  what happened in those hours after Philando Castile was shot by a white policeman was live streamed by his fiancée on Facebook Live. The day before, video of another African American, Alton Sterling, being shot dead by the police in Baton Rouge, LA, went viral on the social network.Then, in Dallas a sniper by the name of Micah Xavier Johnson, a war veteran shot dead five policemen and grievously injured another two. And – because the conventions are just about a week away,  We’ll look at how the Political Conventions are shaping up to be an online video hotbed. I’m Steve Rosenbaum. I’m Saul Hansell. And this is Hacking TV. 

Live Footage of Shootings Forces Facebook to Confront New Role

Facebook issues streaming guidelines after Castile shooting video goes viral

Facebook vows to only delete graphic live video used to mock victims

Facebook brings in live stream policy, but it might not be enough

Facebook Updates on “Live” Policy After a Week of Violence

Facebook explains censorship policy for Live video
Facebook explains censorship policy for Live video

New Challenge for Social Media: Policing Violent Live Videos

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